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What We Do

High Plains Partners is proudly based in Holyoke, CO with 750 acres of hemp planted and harvested this season. 
Our goal is to provide the hemp and CBD industry with consistent, premium wholesale products by utilizing established and proprietary cultivation, harvesting and extraction techniques. Our team has extensive knowledge in specialized agriculture and access to capital - positioning us to produce quality products at scale and enter other verticals such as custom services, smokable flower and high-volume extraction.


Our Services

Crude Oil, Full-Spectrum and THC-Free CBD Distillates

Large volumes available for purchase

Custom Harvesting & Baling Services

Whole-plant harvesting and expertise enabling long-term wet or dry storage

Smokable CBD Flower

Drying facilities and large volumes available for purchase


Our partners can process biomass in any form, wet or dry



Krone Big X 700 with Multiple Specialty Headers

We specialize in harvesting autoflower strains to produce whole-plant silage and can handle over 100 acres per day.

We can provide custom services for other strains and outputs as well.


Orkel MP-2000

Our specialized baler utilizes ultra-high compression for long-term storage of wet or dry biomass.

Biomass Dewatering

Vincent 16" Screw Press

Our screw press can remove water from biomass with negligible cannabinoid loss, allowing for more efficient baling, drying and extraction.


William Weber

Founder & CEO


Matthew Weber

Operating Partner


Parker Connolly

Operations & Logistics Manager


William Keelips

Harvest & Equipment Manager


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